Lesson 1: Get Ready for Miracle Manifesting
Lesson 2: Give Yourself What You Truly Desire
Lesson 3: Your Energy Creates Your Reality

Lesson 1

Get Ready for Miracle Manifesting

I designed some helpful prep work, so you are ready for manifesting miracles. This will take your manifesting practice to the next level!

Before you begin it is important to understand what it means to manifest.

One common misconception about manifesting is that it means you can create exactly what you want, whenever you want it. For example, “I want this specific dream job and I want it by March 15” or “I want to be in a romantic relationship by April.”

Manifesting is NOT that kind of magic where you claim your desire, think about it in the positive and “WHAM! THERE IT IS!”

Sometimes that happens through universal laws. But believing in that myth can lead to profound disappointment and resentment when working with the universal laws of Manifesting Miracles.

The truth about Manifesting is THAT WE open our heart and mind to the flow of the divine, so we allow ourselves to receive all that is for our highest good.

This is a very important frame of mind. YOU WILL manifest beautiful experiences but being a Manifesting agent is not about controlling the universe and all its outcomes. You will set an intention, but then surrender your ego’s control and ideas about that intention to the Divine Universe to bring to you all that serves your highest good. And that will always be better than what you imagined or bring you to expand your consciousness into its increasingly higher potentials.

Today’s Miracle Manifesting Coaching lesson is to practice the art of surrendering your desires and flow to the Divine Universe.

Breathe deeply and read this:

I am a Miracle Manifestor knowing that whatever is for my highest good comes to me with ease and grace.

This mantra allows you to place the Divine as the pilot of your journey. YOU will choose the destination, but the Divine will guide your journey toward the highest good for all concerned.

Next, write down your desires. Make a list without limiting yourself. Then, next to each desire, write, “I surrender this desire to the Divine Universe.”

Breathe. It may sound simple. It may trigger your ego, but no worries. Your ego does not understand the vastness, the love and power of your soul and the divine universe and how they are LINKED. By writing down your desires and your willingness to release these desires to the Divine, you are aligning with the power of the Universe to reveal itself to you and guide you, one step at a time.

Miracle Manifesting is a spiritual practice. It allows the Divine to work through you and for you. It brings you into alignment with your soul’s wisdom and power. Once you set your desires in motion and surrender them to the divine, you allow the next right actions to be revealed so that your dreams can come to life.

As we embrace the newness of 2023, honor how far you have come through this profound energetic time. Send love to yourself for all you have experienced and accomplished in life thus far.

When you wake up in the morning, I want you to take time to appreciate the blessings of your life. Feel into the truth of wear you are sitting, what is around you and how you have manifested that. Then say aloud:



Tonight, you can spend some time meditating on your intention for the Miracle Manifesting Club. Light a candle or play some meditative music as you build a vision for the year ahead.

Before you go to sleep, take a moment to write your intention for

2023 on a piece of paper. Then fold it up and place it under your pillow so you can subconsciously manifest your desires while you sleep. Let your inspired intention be the last thing you think about

before going to sleep.

I will help you get even more clear on your intention through the next lessons and our session on January 9.

To get the most from this challenge: show up for each lesson, set time to engage in your manifesting practice daily and if you miss a day, give yourself grace and just return to the flow. Join the Facebook community and participate in the live sessions.

From my heart to yours, may you be showered in abundant blessings with ease and grace! Thank you for trusting me as your manifesting coach.