Lesson 1: Get Ready for Miracle Manifesting
Lesson 2: Give Yourself What You Truly Desire
Lesson 3: Your Energy Creates Your Reality

Lesson 2

Give Yourself What You Truly Desire

Take a moment to appreciate that you are willing to Manifest Miracles in your life. By signing up for this program, you have signaled to your SOUL and to the Divine Universe that you are ready for living in the flow of your highest good. I cannot tell you how deeply honored I am to be your guide on this journey.

The first step in manifesting begins with a decision. You must get clear about what you want to manifest. Today, we are going to begin with claiming your desires. These desires are important signals from your soul. When you commit to fully and completely creating with the Universe, you signal to the Divine Universe that you are worthy of your desires and willing to allow them into your reality.


When you start to play in the manifesting world as someone who is worthy of what you desire, trusting you have the power and right

to bring it into your life, then your vibration aligns with your soul. This creates a highly magnetic field of light, emanating from your essence.

The more you attune and align with this energy, the stronger your manifesting power becomes. You ground yourself in the deep knowing that manifesting brings a joyful currency into your energetic expression. You start feeling good. That feeling opens you to being aligned with things like your desire.

LET’S PRACTICE STEP 1: CLAIM YOUR DESIRE(S) Complete this statement…

My desire is to manifest


How does having your desire fulfilled make you feel? What emotions does it evoke? What sensations do you feel in your body? What do you experience in your mind, body, spirit, life when your desire is fulfilled?


Review what you have written. Underline the sentences that elevate your energy and make you feel amazing inside! Put the sentences together into a statement. This is your Manifesting Declaration. Read over everything you wrote. Underline the sentences that elevate your energy and make you feel awesome.

Put those sentences together into one statement. This is your

Manifesting Declaration!

Claim your Manifesting Declaration. It reflects what you want, how you feel about it and your trust in creating it.

Say this declaration aloud. Get familiar with this statement. Write it out and tape it on your wall, mirror, or a key place where you will SEE IT. OWN IT! Sit with the declaration and let the energy of your statement fill you with excitement. Do not just read it casually. Tune into it and FEEL THE ENTHUSIASM around this declaration!


Your Manifesting Declaration is now your NORTH STAR. You will use this throughout this 30-day experience.

• Refer to it every day for the next 30 days.

•  Connect with the energy of your feelings around manifesting this daily.

•  Stay connected to this because it is the GPS for your manifesting process.

I am your guide and will be with you throughout this journey. I am going to take you by the hand and heart to show you how to turn your dreams into your reality…how to live in the flow of miracles.

YOU have begun the journey. Claim your desire without apology. Take it into your cells. Let yourself FEEL it fully. Your consciousness around this is elevating to align and allow this reality into your life.

Remember, we meet on January 9 at 6:30 p.m. So if you have questions you want me to address, bring them to the session or feel free to email them to me at  lori@lorilipten.com and I will answer them during our time together.