Lesson 1: Get Ready for Miracle Manifesting
Lesson 2: Give Yourself What You Truly Desire
Lesson 3: Your Energy Creates Your Reality

Lesson 3

Your Energy Creates Your Reality

Welcome to Day 3 of Manifesting Miracles!

You have claimed your desire and discovered the feelings associated with having your dream manifested. These are two powerful steps in manifesting.

When you allow yourself to feel all the positive emotions and sensations associated with having your desires fulfilled, you bring yourself into harmony with the essence of desired reality.

Your desires are clues from your soul’s Akashic Record about the potential manifestations you carry in your inner databank. Your Akashic Record is the book of your soul. This record carries the blueprint for your soul’s purpose and creative power. It holds the map for how to bring your potential into reality. You carry the vibrational resonance of your desire within you.

When you focus on your manifesting declaration as if you have it right now, you are aligning your energy’s frequency with its highest potential. You are bringing the energy from your soul’s Akashic Record

– field of potential – into this world. By sustaining this focus for 5-10 minutes, you elevate your energy’s frequency so that it becomes

aligned with soul’s truth and everything like it. This becomes a clarion

call for the Divine Universe to organize itself into a matched frequency. The positive feelings associated with this practice, awakens the qualities that are magnetic to your desires. Miracle Manifesting is like turning your energetic radio dial to the station you want to hear. If your desire’s radio station is “101.1,” notice how you feel whenever you are dialed in. You may feel happy, excited, inspired as you envision yourself being the individual living the reality of your heart desires and this dials you into the Universe’s station “101.1.”

When you are dialed into the station of your desired reality – it is specific. Your energy is NOT dialed into stations 100.3, 98.6, 105 and so on. YOUR station is a particular frequency and only the music (energy) associated with that station will play when you are focused on its signal.

Practicing elevating your vibration to the exact frequency of your desired manifestation pulls you into the flow of everything associated with that energy.

When you elevate your frequency through sustained focus on having your desire, you start magnetizing people, places and things that reflect your desire. Miracle manifesting is mastery of your energy. But it is not about controlling your energy or denying your emotions, when they counter the positive sensations associated with having your vibration.

Being human means you will have all sorts of emotions in life. When you learn to elevate your vibration daily, you will move through your emotions without losing touch with your core-elevated frequency. This happens by learning the art of becoming your own compassionate witness. This allows you to be in touch with your emotions and have acute awareness of your frequency, subtle shifts and how to live in the flow of your elevated vibe! Doing this creates RADICAL TRANSFORMATION!

You start your day with your focus on being connected to your true nature and desired reality. Breathing and focusing on the love and joy within your heart, as you imagine yourself living in your manifested reality. See it, feel it, sense it in every cell of your being. Let your whole being become saturated within this positive energetic flow. Sit in this visionary delight for at least 10 minutes. Become playful with it!

Then go about your day with the appreciation that you are creating

your heart and soul’s desire reality. THAT is what you were born to do! As the day unfolds, return to this sensation, and appreciate your powerful ability to direct your energy!

But what happens when you go about your day and you feel triggered and slip into thoughts and feelings that dial you into a different radio station, than your elevated desire?


Sometimes your thoughts go into a negative loop. Do not panic. Become present by breathing deeply and grounding your energy into mother earth. Tend to your fears and doubts with compassion. Notice the sensations within your body and become lovingly present to them. Remain curious and open-hearted.


Manifesting is the art of attuning, aligning, and allowing our higher soul to create our reality. When you feel fearful, doubtful, or filled with emotions that are not aligned with your desire, it is because you carry imprinted beliefs that counter your soul’s truth. Bring as much compassion to your thoughts and feelings and celebrate your ability to consciously re-parent yourself, love yourself and know more about yourself without judgment. You are discovering energies that influence you, so you can change their impact in your life.

Welcome the sensations and allow yourself to become the witness of you without colluding with fearful, habitual thoughts, shaming, minimizing, and denying whatever is present. Witness, feel, allow these sensations to move through your body, as your compassionate witness is present. Judgment locks the energy in place; compassion liberates is.

As you stay present to whatever is, you may notice the sensations crest.

By being present, without trying to force yourself into a “positive thought” or denying what you are feeling, you may have epiphanies arise about where you learned the fearful thought. Be gentle with yourself and whomever may have held the beliefs associated with these fears. Remember, your compassionate presence alchemizes this energy, so you can become increasingly more aligned with your true elevated essence and your desired reality.

Celebrate! Compassionately welcome your wholeness into this life, tend to your feelings and celebrate your willingness to rewire your energy and align with your desired reality. Thank your feelings and thoughts for showing you what you want, what you need and revealing how to self-care and transcend limits.

When fearful thoughts arise say this:

I welcome this thought and sensation with compassionate awareness. This thought is here and likely not true, but it is revealing where my

beliefs have been focused and kept me from having my desired reality.

I am healing myself from this limitation now, so I can consciously manifest what I want and elevate my life to my soul’s highest



You are cultivating a compassionate witness to yourself. Ask the Divine Universe to support you in manifesting that too. “Thank you, Divinity, for showing me what I need to see and guiding me to the highest truth now with ease and grace.”

When fearful and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings arise, they are not bad or negative. They may not be aligned with your desired reality, but they are not to be feared, judged, or bypassed. YOU and they deserve to meet these sensations with your conscious awareness and compassionate heart.

Whenever you tend to these energies without judgment, you create a space where false beliefs can be alchemized. Within the lens of your compassionate awareness, you become a healing agent in your own life.

Once you move through those intense sensations and alchemizing process, notice if your energy is dialed into your desired station. Breathe and notice without any judgments about where you might be. When you are able, bring your energy into alignment with your desired reality by focusing on the next best feeling thought you can accept within yourself. Move gently into harmony with this higher frequency. Slowly and with intention, allow yourself to reattune to the sensations associated with your elevated state.

Now here is the thing: you must believe in your manifesting declaration, or you will be dialed into a whole other station. If you want the music from 101.1 but your station only gets 98.6, you will not hear the music from 101.1.

Your desires are clues from your soul about who you are, what you came to experience and create. So, your soul’s natural frequency is aligned with your desire. You were BORN TO MANIFEST YOUR DESIRE into this reality.

Become willing to believe in your desire, so that your intention will fuel its creative power. Choose to cultivate the sensations associated with this elevated consciousness and you will step into the flow of your manifested reality.

You are always manifesting. Now, you are becoming a consciously aligned manifestor. You are learning how to bring yourself into the flow of your soul’s beauty, power, and purpose. That is the flow of manifesting miracles.

Be gentle with yourself and have fun dialing in!