Sacred Balance Institute of Intuitive Arts

IPC Level 2 Begins this Fall

Intuitive Living
is the way of the future!

Dive deep into IPC™~ Level 2

Gain proficiency as an Intuitive Guide, Shamanic Healer, & Manifesting Agent.

Are you ready to…

.. deepen your knowledge, expertise and serve as an Intuitive Practitioner?

.. work confidently with your spirit guides, angels & other divine helpers?

.. skillfully navigate the Akashic Records, heal and augment your records?

.. guide others into the Akashic Records?

.. enhance your abiity to clear, transmute and alchemize energy?

.. expand your ability to accurately understand spirit?

..evolve your soul and fulfill your purpose?

Join me this Fall 2023 for Level 2 of your Intuitive Practitioner journey

The Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program Level 2 is a new offering. This program includes live group mentoring sessions, mixed with practice and additional webinars all designed to augment what you have learned in Level 1 into grounded applications for professional and personal use.  IPC Level 2 focuses on developing your knowledge and skills at working with spirit helpers, navigating the Akashic Realms; shamanic and meditative journeying for healing,  guidance and manifesting with competency; energy healing, extraction and alchemy; channeling and automatic writing; creating strong energetic boundaries; aligning with your soul and building power as an intuitive practitioner, growing personally and in service to others;

The world is going through massive shifts and Lightworkers are needed more than ever. Starseeds and Lightworkers are souls who have come into this planet to awaken spiritually and use their intuitive abilities to help anchor the light in this world. You may identify as a Starseed, a Lightworker, a healer, empath or highly sensitive person who just “knows things”, senses more than meets the eye, has vivid dreams, feels everything and isn’t sure how to bring it all to light. You may see yourself as a deep feeler, a starseed, an indigo, a crystalline, a blue ray, a golden ray, incarnated elemental or angel or simply as a spiritually centered person ready to awaken and harness your intuitive abilities to evolve consciously and help others on their path.

Let's do this together!


It is time to awaken and fully claim your intuitive abilities. These times beckon us out of hiding and into a fully embodied expression of our multisensory gifts as Intuitive Practitioners. We can weave these gifts into our personal and professional practices as we use them to serve the highest good of life.
In Level 2 of IPC™ you deepen your journey of living a spiritually centered life.

If you are ready to grow spiritually; unleash and expand your sacred medicine and step into true thriving of your
mind, body and spirit, the IPC™ Level 2 is for you!

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Augmenting your intuitive practitioner® skills is a decision to live in alignment with your soul’s wisdom and power. As you enhance your collaboration with the divine helping spirits assisting you in the fulfillment of your soul’s purpose, it becomes easier to navigate this world. Living through your inspired heart becomes a way of life that frees you from  patterns that have held you back and liberates the power to express your purpose with ease. In Level 2 of IPC you will grow your intuitive tool kit so you can serve life professionally and personally, as you  flow in the grace of higher dimensions, 

Intuitive Practitioners live in two worlds with heartful competency as we help people, animals, and our planet heal and thrive. 

The Intuitive Practitioner Certification™ program combines unique intensive training of holistic, ancient wisdom practices for energy healing; intuitive, psychic, and shamanic development that serves personal transformation and the development of your ability to assist others. This course includes live group mentoring (via Zoom), webinars and practice sessions. 

What's will you learn in Level 2 of Intuitive Practitioner™ Program?

Who is this course for?

The Intuitive Practitioner who is ready to…

Are you ready to change course and realize
your fullest potential?

The Intuitive Practitioner™ Program is an intensive experience offered to those who are committed to developing their psychic and intuitive abilities for insight, healing and manifesting. This program gives you all the help you need to create and implement a robust plan for long-term spiritual growth, awareness and understanding. It enables you to use your inner compass to guide you in your journey through life, so you can do the things you love doing, surrounding yourself with supportive relationships and have a purposeful life.

IPC™ founding values:

Everyone is intuitive. Intuition is the bridge to the Divine within you and all life. It is the language of the soul and therefore available to everyone to be cultivated into a meaningful compass for living your highest potential and purpose with the greatest ease

Intuition is normal. Being intuitive or psychic are not strange, airy-fairy or occult experiences. Intuition is a natural sensory system wired into the physiological, mental/emotional and spiritual energy programming designed to reunite us with our Divine nature. It is here to take us from ordinary into extraordinary living.

Intuition is sacred.  The IPC™  Program is a safe, cooperative and compassionate environment to bring your innate wisdom and guiding spiritual helpers to the surface. You learn at your own pace, within an environment conducive to nurturing your essential nature. We honor the sacred within you and all life in every encounter.

IPC™ Reveres your wisdom and truthThis program helps you get in touch with your truth and discover the spiritual path best suited to you. Within a consistently supportive environment, you will grow to trust your intuitive power and the highest wisdom available to you.

Intuitive development takes time to cultivate properly. This program covers a lot of ground over a 10-month period to give you in-depth tools and practices that build upon one another. You’ve spent a lifetime leaning on your mind and its beliefs, perhaps feeling aware of your intuition but not necessarily knowing how to trust it with confident consistency. IPC helps you put your soul first, develop spiritual integrity and evolve intentionally. You will develop intuitive proficiency, self-awareness and a conscious skill at living your best life.

Be part of the Intuitive Practitioner™ Program and discover who you truly are as a spirit. The creator of the universe is alive inside you waiting for you to claim your birth right, your spiritual heritage.

Let your soul essence flow through everything you do and create.

The World is shifting.

Intuitive living is how we will manifest the new world

IPC™ ~ Level 2

Has been formatted into a live webinar mentoring, student led practices and videos webinars.

Begins October 22, 2023

Eleven Live Zoom Sessions
10 a.m. - 3 p.m. eastern
All sessions are recorded
All Sunday Sessions are 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. eastern (please note there is one Tuesday session from
6:30 - 8:30 p.m. eastern in June 2024)
Student Led Practices are Tuesdays, 6:30 p.m. - 8:30 p.m.
Private Facebook Community, Facebook Lives and Guided Meditations will be provided to supplement your learning process

You receive over 80 hours of training, professional certification in diverse spiritual modalities within an ethical construct for confident intuitive practices, psychic acumen, shamanic and energetic healing, Akashic Records reading, Alchemy and Conscious Manifesting.

* all dates are subject to change. No refunds are given once payment is received in full. No exceptions.
** Financial arrangements can be made. Contact Lori at

What IPC™ Graduates are saying...

"I was aware that I had a gift that was yearning to be developed with no understanding of how to tap into my abilities. The Intuitive Practitioner's Certification Program -- IPC 1 --provided me with the exact teaching I needed. It is a great program that dives into the metaphysical world and so much more, teaching you how apply intuitive practices to your own life and help others. It help me discover who I am, and deepened my connection to the divine. Lori is an amazing teacher, bringing forth teaching and understanding from her own experiences in a way that is easy to comprehend and apply to your own practice. Her ability to teach from divine guidance, her magnificent healing presence and her transparency, this program is like no other. I strongly recommend IPC to anyone curious or seeking to discover more about themselves, about the metaphysical world, connecting with the divine or just healing for yourself. "
- Stefina K. MSW, Shamanic Healer, Intuitive Practitioner Certified ©️
"If you want to learn from someone who is kind, compassionate, patient and understanding, Lori is your person. If you want to learn from someone who is going to work with you and do the best that they can to meet your needs, Lori is your person. If you want to learn from someone who knows their sh*!, Lori is your person. If you want to learn from someone who has your best interest at heart, Lori is your person. If you want to learn from someone who makes you laugh and makes it easy to receive and take in the information, Lori is your person. Basically, if you are interested in the material at all, Lori is the person to learn it from...Lori is your person!”
- Adrienne Murdah, Intuitive Practitioner Certified ©️
"I began Lori Lipten's Intuitive Practitioners Certification Course©️ in October 2019 and graduated late June 2020. When we began we were face-to-face, but then came Covid and changed all of our lives. During this pandemic Lori continued to provide the same level of highly experienced, empathetic, and wholistic training and did not skip a beat. Based on Lori's ability to keep the class connected, collaborative, and inspired via Zoom and Facebook Live, I came away more confident in my intuitive abilities, including areas in which I felt intimidated. As a result, my personal spirituality has become deeper, and I am now in the midst of redefining my intuitive business services. I recommend Lori's IPC training to anyone looking to experience a spiritual shift, as well as gain an opportunity to hone one's intuitive gifts under Lori's loving and supportive tutelage."
- Linda L. Linder, PhD, Intuitive Practitioner Certified ©️
"I never thought I'd be able to leave my sales job and become an intuitive practitioner full-time! Lori helped me develop my gifts into tools that have changed my life, helped my family and allow me to serve my clients. I am now a nutritional coach and intuitive practitioner which allows me to combine my nutritional training and intuitive practitioner skills of clairvoyance, shamanic journeying and healing to help my clients find healthy balance. I have never been happier and owe it all to Lori, her guides and her wonderful program. Please don't wait - take this course and change your life!"
- Sarah M. , Nutritional Coach, Intuitive Practitioner Certified ©️
"Lori Lipten is a true blessing from the divine. I can't thank her enough for saying yes to her role in this world. Being a young adult who has had an eventful journey, one who felt alone, and always found herself at a doctor or counseling office, personal sessions and workshops with Lori are the ones that kept me going. As soon as you connect with Lori, you feel the love. I am honored to know and learn from such a beautiful soul. My yellow brick road wouldn't be the same without her."
- Jessica Zacharias, Intuitive Dance & Soul Retriever, Podcaster, Intuitive Practitioner Certified ©️
"IPC forever changed my life"
- Ed Numaier, RN, Intuitive Practitioner Certified ©️
"Not only have I consulted with Lori on spiritual matters, I have followed her teachings for several years now. She has been one of the most influential teachers (and people) in my life and I've had many."
- Teri Williams , Shamanic Practitioner , Intuitive Practitioner Certified ️©️
"Lori is the consummate professional. As a trained psychologist with a masters degree she's able to assist clients in both a traditional manner but also has certain gifts which she uses with compassion and great skill. Lori is a gifted teacher and communicator, capable of transmitting to you both techniques and knowledge you will be able to use to live a more rewarding life."
- Dr. Bill Klausmeyer, Graduate of Intuitive Mastery, Akashic Mastery and Inspired Heart Programs 

Are you ready to live your soul's path?

I created the Intuitive Practitioner Program with the help of my guides. It evolved out of teaching others about living and working intuitively, developing mediumship and shamanic practices. After going to graduate school to become a psychologist, my guides urged me to open to a new way of serving clients. So, I paused and surrendered my mind’s plans for my life and listened to the Divine Guidance urging me to create a life far beyond what I ever dreamed possible.

Though I have spent thousands of hours as a student learning from masters of varying gifts from around the world and apprenticing with several revered shaman from different nations, I only teach what I live and use. Every protocol within the Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program was first taught to me by my helping spirits, and was practiced effectively over time. If it works in my life and was brought first to me by Spirit, then its part of the IPC program.

It is my deepest honor and joy to help others hone their intuition, develop their psychic abilities and discover shamanic and intuitive healing gifts to for holistic thriving and ethical service to others. By becoming an Intuitive Practitioner, you give yourself a path for living from your soul. And this is one way, we can bring more love, healing and light into our world.

I look forward to sharing that journey with you!

With blessings to you,


Lori B. Lipten, M.A. of Clinical & Humanistic Psychology.
Shamanic Medium. Author. Spiritual Guide.
Founder, Sacred Balance Institute of Intuitive Arts
Lori Lipten Enterprises and Sacred Soul Retreats