Sacred Balance Institute of Intuitive Arts

The Intuitive Practitioner Certification Program™ Level 1

Welcome home Intuitive!


It is time to own and develop your intuitive sensory abilities into skills that can enhance your life. The Intuitive Practitioner Certification™ program combines unique intensive training of holistic, ancient wisdom practices for energy healing; intuitive, psychic and shamanic development that serves personal transformation and the development of your ability to assist others. This unique program assists you in creating and implementing a robust plan for long-term spiritual growth, awareness and understanding. It enables you to use your inner compass to guide you in your journey through life, so you can do the things you love doing, surrounding yourself with supportive relationships and experience a purposeful life. It provides an ethical foundation to use your intuitive skills to serve others.

Refund Policy: Please note that no refunds will be honored once the program begins; no exceptions.